Capable Hands:

It is our mission to provide our highest level of medical care each and every visit.

Our practice uses both traditional and alternative therapies, or a combination of both, so that we may find what is comfortable for your family member and you.

It is usually your eyes, ears and hands that notice when your companion isn't feeling well. It is our eyes, ears and hands that we rely on to start determining why.

Caring Hearts:

We know that each and every one of your animals hold very special places in your hearts...they are family, companions, best friends.

Know that they also hold important places in our hearts — they are the reason we do what we do. Because of them we can smile at tailwags and purrs, and because of them, we can shed tears at the losses of friends. Whether it has been a week or a year since their last visit, we hold dear our ongoing relationships with them.

We will be here when you add new members to your family, we will be here throughout their lifetime of care, and we will be here to ease their passage from this life.

We are honored that you allow us to care for your family.

Gentle Words:

It is our mission to help explain all expected and unexpected events on your companion's pathway of life from youth through adulthood.

We will keep you informed about their physical health and well-being. Whether they are here for routine care, injury, or illness, we will discuss all treatment options so that you may make informed decisions.

We will educate you as we educate ourselves as treatments and technologies change throughout the years.

Our Motto and Our Mission


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